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Ultra Engineering Contractors, Inc. is much more than just a utility locating company. We are an engineering contractor that specializes in utility location using both air/vacuum excavation technology along with GPR and full service utility detection services. There is no safer way to positively identify underground utilities. Performing work in all of Southern California, we take pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We work in close cooperation with project managers to ensure that there is no question left unanswered. We also provide advice in the field for alternative solutions that can save time and money without compromising quality.

Ultra Engineering will assist you at every stage of construction. Though our specialty is preconstruction layout, we can assist through all phases of your project. Our services include more than just potholing, utility locating and mapping; we have the experience and knowledge you can count on to make sure your project will get done in the most efficient way possible. Having worked together for over twenty years, our team is the best in the industry.



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