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Potholing is used when the actual horizontal and vertical location of existing utilities or structures needs to be positively identified at a certain location. This is most commonly used when a contractor is going to be trenching and needs to ensure that there are no conflicts with the proposed excavation. It allows the contractor to reroute the new utility before excavation begins, saving time and money.


A pothole is typically 10" X 10" to the depth required to either locate the utility or the depth of the proposed excavation. After determining the area to be potholed, we secure the area with cones and a barrier to protect pedestrians and traffic from debris. We then mark out the hole and either saw cut or jack hammer out the asphalt/concrete. Our team then uses the air/vacuum excavation system to remove the dirt and locate the utility. We document the utility on the ground as well as in our photos and log books, before backfilling and compacting. Finally we cover with cold patch and clean the area. The entire process takes less than an hour in ideal conditions.



Trenching is useful under many different circumstances. There are times when it is impossible to reach an area to excavate with a backhoe or excavator. Hand digging is back breaking and time consuming. The use of air/vacuum technology allows the trench to be dug efficiently, while also locating any known or unknown utilities.  


When there are many utilities in one area of your proposed trench, it may be advantageous to let Ultra Engineering Contractors Inc dig the trench for you. We can locate all of the utilities and have your trench ready for your product installation. This is not only the safest way to get your trench excavated, but many times the most efficient.



Ultra Engineering Contractors Inc is there to solve even your toughest dilemmas. What happens when you have a 6' deep trench that has 4' deep by 12' wide storm drains crossing it? You need to get your conduit package under the storm drains, but have no safe way to dig under them. Ultra can handle getting the tunnel clear and ready for installation using our air/vacuum system as seen in these photos.

Vault/Catch Basin/Storm Drain clean out

We also offer vacuum services for a variety of jobs. Dewatering, catch basin clean out, vault vacuuming, storm drain cleaning, etc. We are there to get the job done fast and safely. 

Preconstruction Services


You can rely on Ultra Engineering Contractors Inc to assist you through every step of the preconstruction phase. We provide the services you need to get your project off the ground, some examples of our services:




  • Site evaluation
  • Project development
  • Design development
  • Utility location and documentation
  • Trenching
  • Tunneling
  • Gravel removal
  • Potholing


Construction Services

Throughout your project we are there when you need us. Whether it is removing mud from your trenches after a rain or tunneling under existing utilities that you can't make it under using traditional methods. Ultra is ready and able to handle your Air/Vacuum needs.

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