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We proudly use the Vacmasters 4000 for our Air/Vacuum excavation. Each truck is fully equipped with all of the necessary tools to get the job done accurately, quickly and safely.



Vacmasters System 4000


Vacmasters is the leader in air-vacuum excavation systems, having pioneered the use of high-pressure air delivered through their proprietary nozzles to expose underground utilities. That is why we exclusively use their systems. Our underground utility locating equipment is designed to dig potholes and trenches in any kind of soil.




Potholing with Air-Vacuum Excavation


Our Air/Vacuum excavating systems are designed to ensure the operator can dig with air 95% of the time; however all have water on board as a backup. With our system, the dry spoils that are produced while digging with air are vacuumed up for easy backfilling when the job is done, eliminating the time and expense associated with mud disposal. For underground utility locating, deep soil sampling, or pipeline maintenance using keyhole technology, with no disturbance to the road base, there is no more economical, safer, faster, or cleaner way to expose underground utilities than with a Vacmasters Air-Vacuum excavation system.



Our Air Technology Does the Work Faster, Easier, and Safer


It’s no secret. Air/Vacuum excavation is the best way to get to buried utilities for verification or repair. Using pick and shovel crews is dangerous, labor-intensive, and expensive. Potholing with water and then vacuuming the wet spoils is cumbersome, messy, dangerous, and could damage the very utilities you are trying to locate or repair. Vacmasters has pioneered the use of air in making potholing safe, efficient, less costly, and protective of the buried infrastructure.




Unleash the Power of Air


Our systems use supersonic air to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling


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